Ink-Shot by Madtinker76

November 20, 2009


Of all of the fan-made characters from the message boards, Ink-Shot is my favorite.  I voted for him in Royalt1us’s contest last year, and have always thought it would be cool to attempt my own custom of him.

I’ve always dug the under sea characters for some reason.  Mer-Man is certainly a favorite of mine, but the reason that I really love Ink-Shot is that he reminds me of this dude from Battle Beasts brought into the MOTU universe.

But I digress.  Our friend, Madtinker76, has done it again with his amazing Ink-Shot custom based upon a recent Manga Spawn figure.

From Madtinker76:

I have seen several interpretations of this character in the Fan Art section, but a friend in UK, Dave came up with a more Mecha look for our Squidy Villian.
Um recipe: Mange Spawn Series 34 was the base figure, used ML Banshee’s legs as the arms to allow posing and articulation that Spawn just doesnt have.
The fingers are tendril from a Spawn Creech figure and went well with the squidy look.
The Two larger tentacles on the back are from a Marvel Select Doc Ock.
The base of the head is a Xmen Classics Juggernaut with epoxy and tentacles from a toy octopus.
Painted the armor a blueish green, and tried to paint the arms and the head with a white pearl to give a wet slimy look..

For more of Madtinker76′s work, check out his page at Figure Realm here.

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