Suckadelic Trading Cards

November 11, 2009


So i just recently got a few packs of Suckadelic’s new line of art trading cards, from the man himself, and I gotta tell you, they totally rule. Super cool, with an actual wax wrapping, the style and feel of the line is an homage to everything that’s great about trading cards. Seriously…these are the shit.

Direct Link to Youtube Video

An innovative idea from the master of this kind of thing, Suckadelic’s cards need to be checked out. In fact, the Sucklord and Nerd City will send the first person to email with the subject heading “Suckadelic” a free pack.

Everyone else, get yours here.

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    One Response to “Suckadelic Trading Cards”

    1. Dr. Jose Gallimore Says:

      Max, your mom’s ghost wanted me to pass along this message: “Vat’s wit all the ‘sucking’? Who is this Suckerdelic? He sounds like he’s up to no good. Maxy, I love you; stop crying.”