Official Kick-Ass movie teaser.

November 11, 2009


Lionsgate released the first official teaser trailer for Kick-Ass based off of Mark Millar and John Romita Jrs. comic book titled oddly enough Kick-Ass. The trailer looks great, but I will tell ya it doesn’t do the comic book or what this movie will really provide justice. Not saying it’s a bad trailer, as I did enjoy it, but after reading the comic series (well still waiting for issue 8 to come out) and seeing footage of the film at this years Wizard World, the trailer doesn’t even get close to the amount of violence you will see when this movie is released. Currently the first seven issues are available at your local comic book shop with issue eight alleged to be released soon, so do yourself a favor and pick up the book before heading out to see this movie next year. Plus it stars Clark Duke and Nick Cage so it’s starting off good right there.


Trailer Park | MySpace Video

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