Royalt1us’s 5th Annual Fan-Based Character Contest

November 10, 2009


It’s that time of year again!  Royalt1us has put out the call for your original Masters of the Universe character designs for his 5th Annual Fan-Based Character Contest. As in years past, the winning design will be immortalized in a resin mini statue.

From Royalt1us:

It’s time for Royalt1us’ 5th Annual Fan-Based Character Contest

For 5 years now I have held a custom character contest here on as a way to motivate and challenge myself to try new and more difficult things in my quest to learn how to sculpt. As well as do something fun for the members here.

The past 5 contests have been:
2005- Custom Fan-Based Character Bust won by GLADE.
2006- Custom Fan-Based Character Staction co-championed by OOZOR and COPPERHEAD.
2007- Custom Fan-Based Character Staction won by PO-LAR
2007- Custom Kids Fan-Based Character staction won by LAVA-SHARK.
2008, due to time constraints, Custom Fan-Based Character Staction 2nd Chance won by SPY-FLY.

So this year I want to do something special, but I haven’t got all the details worked out yet so I’m not going to post how things are going to go down just yet. However, I do want to kick things off with a
Call for Characters!

For the next 2 weeks sumbit the characters you want to enter in this years contest. And just like any other year, the rules are pretty straight forward.
Charcters must be submitte by midnight on November 15th.
All characters must be Original Fan-Bases Characters.
Characters can be submited with pictures or writen bios or both.
Characters should be given some sort of name and affiliation.
While I’d love to see all new charcters, no previous characters are excluded from this years contest.
And this year Character designs and ideas should be designated as either 80s, 200x, or MOTUC.
(What I mean by that is designate what style of figure you would want it to be: MOTUC, 200x, or 80′s. You can designate 1 or 2 of the 3, but not all 3.)

That’s it for now. If you have any questions, feel free to ask. This thread will be updated with the Contest Format in two weeks, so Bring on the characters. And post them in this thread. As many as you want.

Pics of a few more current submissions after the jump.

For more info (or to submit your own creation!) head over to this thread at the forums.

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