Excitebike: World Rally available today through WiiWare

November 9, 2009


Excitebike logo
Through Nintendo’s virtual console, Excitebike: World Rally will be available today as a WiiWare downloadable title. This game was announced a few weeks back with minor gameplay shown, but as we saw this game will play and look (with updated graphics) just like the original. As all my fans out there know, I am a huge 2D game fan so this will be an instant download for me today. For only 1000 Wii points, you can download this game and begin creating and sharing your own levels, race friends on and off line, and just have a good ol’ fashioned time with what should be an exciting and fun game. For those that may not be ready to jump to this new game, you can always download the original NES version for 500 Wii points.

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