Nerd City Interview: Beetlejuice

November 8, 2009


So it is my great honor to announce and post my most recent interview, this time with none other than the legendary Beetlejuice. As one of (if not) the most popular members of the Howard Stern stable, Beetlejuice is a Nerd City hall of famer, and this was one of the true highlights of my Nerd career. His new reality show, “This is Beetle“, is now up on HowardTV, and it must be seen to be believed.  I got to actually speak with the man himself on the phone and It ruled. As you can imagine, with the connection, and Beetles unique style of conversation, some things were lost in translation. I do my best here to recreate my magnificent talk with the one, the only, Beetlejuice.

Direct Link to Youtube Video

Are you excited about the new show?

Yeah, I’m excited. I’m excited about the show.

A lot of good stuff?

Yeah, lots of good stuff.

What are you guys up to now?

Looking to get some dirty whores.

Yeah? How’s that going… good?

Kind of.

That’s good…I guess, so, what can we look forward to on the show?

Hey, why don’t you wrap the phone cord around your neck?

Oh yeah?

Yeah, you shit head.

(nasally Jew laughter) You’re a shit head. So are there a lot of girls on the show?

Yeah, lots of girls. One girl said, “Hey Beetle, suck my cock. I said yeah, why don’t you give it me you dirty whore?”

So lot’s of girls?

Yeah, lot’s of girls and one dirty Beetle.

(more nasally Jewish laughter) So it’s a good show?

Yeah, a good show.

What should we expect?

I don’t know…where do you want Beetle to go?

Direct Link to Youtube Video

Well. what do you have in store?

(At this point, Bobby, Beetle’s manager asked B.J. what happened with famed divorce lawyer/ Stern regular Dominic @ the strip club.)

He acted like a little bitch. I smacked his ass, like a girl. I choked slammed his ass…he’s a dirty midget.

So… you guys do a lot of strip club stuff on the show?

I’ll fuck your sister.

(Following more laughter, Beetle and I said our goodbyes.)

Good luck to you, you dirty whore, I’ll see you later.

Good luck to you too, Beetle.

Have a nice trip.

Watch “This is Beetle” here.

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    One Response to “Nerd City Interview: Beetlejuice”

    1. Mike Says:

      I believe we should try to get Jeff The Drunk for an interview as well, do a whole thing on the whack pack.