Microsofts launches Xbox Live rewards program

November 3, 2009


Microsoft has recently been sending out e-mails to select Live users to participate in their beta program for Xbox Live Rewards. This is actually a very interesting decision by Microsoft as the program is actually pretty nice. Unlike Nintendos reward program that offers you the chance to get free items such as DS skins, playing cards, select DS games and other Nintenod prizes, Microsoft is giving you Xbox Live points goods towards any purchase for participating. Looking at what you would need to do to get these points, it is pretty much nothing else you would do out of your normal Xbox Live experience. Purchasing games, filling out surveys and subscribing to Xbox Live all generate free Microsoft points for you. The program is limited to beta right now with no official date set for a full release, but it is nice to see Microsoft taking this route for their customers. Below you will see some of the things that can be done to get Microsoft points.

Orange Rewards

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