Nintendo set to release a new version of the DS.

October 29, 2009



In a press conference yesterday, Nintendo announced that starting November 21st in Japan the DSi LL will be available for 22,000 yen (or $220 US). The newly designed DSi LL will come with a much bigger screen than the recently released DSi as it will be 4.2 square inches compared to the DSi’s 3.2 inch screen. The new DSi LL is geared towards the user who would use their DS for web browsing and music as it will offer a bigger screen for navigation and reading font. But of course it will be great to play games on a bigger screen as well. Currently there is no release date for the United States, but I assume we’ll be hearing news on this shortly.

DSi LL 2 (DSi LL on left, DSi on right)

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