MOTUC Custom War-Wolf from Masterenglish

October 28, 2009


Masterenglish has done it again with another brilliant MOTUC custom figure.   Lately, he’s been using his unparalleled skill for customizing these guys to bring us some really cool original characters, and War-Wolf is no exception.  The inclusion of a wolf/werewolf character in the MOTU makes so much sense that it always puzzled me that Mattel never included such a figure in the original line.  Masterenglish has put a particularly interesting spin on his MOTU wolf character.

From Masterenglish:

Here is the second in my ‘Four Hordesmen of the Apocolypse’ series. As you guys probably remember, I did a custom Infector a little while back. Unbeknownst to me, he was PESTILENCE, the first of the four part figure series. Here we have WAR, and soon to come, FAMINE & DEATH. Still not sure how I’m gonna do FAMINE.

More pics after the jump.

For all of Masterenglish’s work, check out his deviantART page here.

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