Thought Processor @ OhNo! Doom

October 22, 2009


This weekend’s opening at the OhNo! Doom gallery will be a “Who’s Who?” of Chicago artists and friends of Nerd City using the Thought Processor paper toy from Phoneticontrol as the platform for their art.

Click through for some previews and more details.


Mike Huddleston

Anthony Lewellen

Travis Lampe

Ryan P. Young


64 Colors

The opening is Saurday night, the 24th at 7 p.m. and the show will run until November 14th.  Here is your chance to see a bunch of great Chicago artists in one place, working on a really cool platform.  But, it gets better- once the show opens, all of these great designs will be available for download from Phoneticontrol’s official site here.

For more info about the OhNo! Doom Gallery, check out their site here.

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