Vintage-Style MOTU Customs from Chrisbryan

October 21, 2009


Whether it’s his original creations or his dedication to producing unfinished COTU designs, Chrisbryan is always filling the message board with amazing vintage-style MOTU customs.  Cact-Eye,  for example, is a really cool original creation left over from the COTU days that was intended to be a wild west villain for Rio Blast to go up against.

Hound of Hordak is another design that was originally conceived by the guys at COTU to flesh out The Evil Horde a bit more with a werewolf-type character. (Yep, that’s a Sungold Galaxy Warriors Anubi head)

And this Keldor custom is the exact figure that Mattel should have produced back in the 80′s for King Randor’s Brother’s pre-Skeletor incarnation. (Yep, that’s a Remco Lost World of the Warlord Deimos head)

Check out all of Chrisbryan’s creations over at the Customs section here.

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