On Superman/Batman “Public Enemies”

October 20, 2009


So I just scored a copy of the new Ed Mcguiness/Jeph Loeb inspired Superman/Batman: Public Enemies, and I got to tell you, it’s pretty o.k.

Direct Link to Youtube Video

Not nearly as good as the recent Green Lantern: First Flight, but still worth a watch, “Public Enemies’” animation and art are very cool, but the whole film gets dragged down by a lackluster ending and third act. Some of the battles are exceptionally cool, especially those that feature a dozen or so super characters, and the movie definitely shows revererance for the source material. And I really like a lot of the Batman stuff. It just sort of drags a bit @ the finale, and I don’t know, sometimes I just find Superman kind of lame. The voice work is pretty stellar, and the idea is obviously very inspired, but in the end, it didn’t leave me with that “Wow, holy shit. That was cool.” feeling that so much of Bruce Timm‘s work usually results in. I would still say check it out, but only if you’ve already seen First Flight and Gotham Knight, and just need a quick DC animated fix.

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    2 Responses to “On Superman/Batman “Public Enemies””

    1. ben Says:

      I really want to check this out.

    2. Mike Says:

      I really enjoyed this cartoon. The only downfall was I had recently re-read Public Enemies so I kept trying to compare the cartoon to the book, which doesn’t work to well. Still I’d say it is one of the better DC cartoons to come out recently.