The Venture Brothers Season 4 begins Sunday Oct 18th

October 16, 2009


Venture Bros 4
This Sunday marks the debut date of season 4 of The Venture Brothers, which after The Simpsons is probably the best cartoon on TV today. I am highly anticipating this season as we get to see what has become of The Monarch and Dr Girlfriend along with what Brock has been doing since the last episode of season 3. I don’t want to give spoilers for the finale of season 3 for those who haven’t watched it, and if not do so at the adultswim website.

In anticipation for the 4th season, adultswim has released a top 10 countdown of the best one shot characters on the show, including my 2nd favorite henchman of all time…..Scott Hall. To check out the top 10 list and videos of the characters follow this link.

And finally, you can view a preview video of Season 4, which once agains begins this Sunday at 12am EST/11pm CST, right now.

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