MOTUC Spikor Custom by Masterenglish

October 12, 2009


When it comes to MOTUC-style customs, you can’t get much better than the work of Masterenglish. His Spikor is no exception, blending in incredibly well with the existing figures in the line, but taking awesome creative liberties that go above and beyond what the actual MOTUC figure will probably look like.

From Masterenglish:

Been on my to-do list for too long. Now I can scratch it off!
Faker base, Despero head. ALL spikes have been sculpted, as well as trident, forearm, and armor. Trident has free spinning range of motion, basically I sculpted the trident over Fakers hand and popped it back on when finished

More spiky goodness after the jump!

For even more info on this custom, check out this thread at the forums.

And, check out all of MAsterenglish’s work at his Deviant Art page here.

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