Mish Mash

October 8, 2009


Funny photoshops showing video games realistically (cracked.com)

12 greatest entertainment themed cereals (gunaxin.com)

I didn’t know this cartoon existed! ¬†MARVEL ZOMBIES! (toplessrobot.com)

Modern takes on old comic book covers (coveredblog.com)

Attention nerds: caffeinated beef jerky (perkyjerky.com)

If He-Man were a hipster… (behance.net)

Superhero Facebook (comicsalliance.com)

Top 10 movie drinks.  You make a mean Caucasian, Jackie (askmen.com)

Possible the coolest t-shirt ever? (deezteez.com)

For the home brewers, 13 creative home brews (sloshspot.com)

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