Vintage Man-At-Arms Custom by GAR

October 5, 2009


This sweet vintage Man-At-Arms custom by GAR takes the 80′s figure and gives it a highly-detailed paint job.  Of course, everybody always wanted their Man-At-Arms figure to have a mustache like in the cartoon, and GAR gave his figure just that.  It really is cool to see how some skilled ink shading and drybrushing pulls some serious depth and complexity from a sculpt that many people would typically write off as simplistic and dated.

From GAR:

Basically this is an update of the first ever custom I ever did. As a kid I did not like the fact that my Man-At-Arms did not have his mustache. So back then I drew it on with a marker. About a quarter of a century later I found a loose Man-At-Arms head at a flea market and decided I’d have another go. I found a Tri-Klops body that I repainted in a somewhat darker green, sculpted a mustache with Apoxy Sculpt for the head, and painted the eyes and the helmet. Bought his armor on a website and repainted it with a brownish wash. I might give him a back like the MOTUC Man-At-Arms in time, but for now I’m quite pleased with him.

For more info on GAR’s custom, check out this entry at Figure Realm.

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