Beast Hombre by Tone Tank and Scumlife

October 1, 2009


Check out this sweet new figure from Tone Tank and Scumlife.  He takes the great elements of various bootleg action figures (80′s to present) and combines them into one awesome piece of resin!

From Tone Tank:

Over the past year or so I developed an addiction to bootleg action figures.
You know the kind where they have five Spiderman figures with Chinese glowing chest action? There’s also the variety packs that have every action figure that ever existed, in the same pack, which often have a big-headed Superman with a Samurai sword… and glowing chest, always with the glowing chest.

Since then quite a few days have been spent trying to get my fix in Brooklyn 99 cent stores. I have also  been on a quest to acquire all the toys I had in the 80′s that my mother swears she hasn’t thrown out… as well as the toys she wouldn’t buy me as a kid. That crusade has led to many a night sneaking around on Ebay.

Anyway, all of this brings us to: ‘Beast Hombre’… with glowing chest action.
A bi-product of my obsession with Chinese bootlegs and 80′s action figures.
They are handmade out of resin by me. I made 24 of them.
They are available at for those who are interested.

More pics after the jump.

Chinese glowing chest action?  How can you resist?  Get yours here.

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    4 Responses to “Beast Hombre by Tone Tank and Scumlife”

    1. punch888 Says:

      beast hombre? i think i’m going to have to start calling you that.

    2. punch888 Says:

      or should i say, ¿beast hombre? creo que voy a empezar llamarte eso. i think that’s right. lol.

    3. Shawn Robare Says:

      Oh man, I think I have a few bootleg Spiderman figures that use a very similar mold (an do in fact have the goffy as all get out glowing LED in the chest…) Wild!

    4. item Says:

      Absolutely bad-ass!