Super Street Fighter IV on the way

September 29, 2009


Capcom announced today that they will be releasing a “sequel” of sorts to Street Fighter IV next year called, Super Street Fighter IV. The new game takes Street Fighter IV and adds eight new characters featuring the return of T. Hawk, DeeJay and the addition of Juri. That will leave us five more fighters that will be revealed over time. In addition to the new fighters, the game will feature new Ultra Combos for each fighter along with a balancing of fighters and gameplay based off of feedback for Street Fighter IV. When the game launches next year, Capcom states that it will not be a full priced game and for those who have already purchased SFIV (like myself) there will be a “pleasant surprise” for us. No word on what the surprise is but due to so many changes being done to the title thus eliminating DLC, my guess is some sort of rebate or something along those lines.

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    3 Responses to “Super Street Fighter IV on the way”

    1. ben Says:

      Fucking awesome!

    2. Mike Says:

      Yeah, so I figure with this coming and the price cut…it’s time for you to buy a PS3. Just tell the wife it is a christmas present.

    3. ben Says:

      I’m thinking about asking Santa for one this year, for sure. It’d also be nice to have a blu-ray player, so that’s a sort of “win-win”.
      The only problem is how much I actually suck at Street Fighter!