Awesome RxH Chaos Beast Exclusives for Super Festival 50

September 29, 2009


Click image for full size version.

Last weekend was Japan’s Super Festival 50, an event which brought us all sorts of limited edition/ lottery only kaiju/ vinyl pieces that most of us will probably never get our hands on.  Of all of these releases, I feel like the collaborations that RxH did with various other artists/ companies really stold the show.  I’ve expressed in the past my enthusiasm for the Chaos Beast sculpt by RealxHead, and this was a really cool chance to see what other artists could do with the piece.

Again, these were released in very limited runs (maybe 20 or less) and typically sold in a lottery.  They are by, from left to right, RealxHead, Shef, Itokin Park, Skulltoys, and Ichiban Boshi.

Image stolen from Datadub’s flickr.

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