We Can Be Heroes WIP by ITEM

September 24, 2009


When it comes to combining nerdy pop iconography with hip, sophisticated design sensibility, nobody does it better than Nerd City’s ally in Edmonton, ITEM.  These mock-ups for ITEM’s upcoming project take things to a whole other level, mashing up super heroes from comic books with super heroes from modern design.

From ITEM:

This is a physical mock-up posted in my studio of a piece called ‘Philippe’ that is roughly 6ftx8ft. The finished piece will be in color and gel transfered onto a raised plywood panel.

This is part of a series i’ve been mucking about with where i’m mashing up famous designers and famous heroes. So upcoming subjects will be Karim Rashid-Batman, Frank Gehry-Captain America, Will Alsop-Thor, etc, etc.

I don’t have a theory behind this due to the fact that i’m fucking tired of appeasing the Academics.

From ITEM:

This is a digital mock-up of what will be the second in the ‘We Can Be Heroes’ series. So to accompany ‘Philippe’, we will have ‘Frank’. As with the last posting, this will be gel transfer onto plywood at about 6ft x 8ft.

I’m really looking forward to the other pieces in this series, as well as the final products.  I’ll keep everyone up to date as more images and info surface.

All images from ITEM’s Flickr.

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