Some Times, I Just Want to Kiss Tim Seeley on the Lips.

September 23, 2009


So of course, we here @ Nerd City are all huge fans of Chicago comic artist/writer Tim Seeley. Whether it be the fact that he gave us the honor of publishing his webcomic Colt Noble and the Megalords, or that he sat in on our panel @ Chicago Comic Con, or that he and his brother Steve are two of our favorite Nerd Citizens ever, Tim continues to demonstrate that he is probably the coolest dude working in comics. Most recently, @ Windy City Comicon, he donated a multitude of Hack/Slash issues to the Nerd City cause, and I gotta tell you, that book rules.

I was reasonably familiar with the title, especially with some of the work by uber-cover artist Jenny Frison, but after delving a little deeper, I am now a giant, super-fan of the book. Published by Chicago’s Devil’s Due, Hack/Slash covers the exploits of sexy, panty-showing, hot-like-in-a-porno-lesbian heroin Cassie Hack, as she travels the country killing famous movie “slashers”, with her monstrous companion, Vlad. Super tongue-in-cheek, with gore galore, it is perfect for any horror/comic/hot chick fan. Even my comic-book hating roomate liked it, and that’s saying something.

Eventually, the long-awaited/in-production Hack/Slash movie will come out, and when it does, Tim Seeley will finally get the fame and fortune he deserves. And then, when the Colt Noble movie comes out, we can all finally stop selling our sperm for money.

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    One Response to “Some Times, I Just Want to Kiss Tim Seeley on the Lips.”

    1. ben Says:

      What you do in the alley behind Home Depot isn’t technically selling your sperm for money. ;)