Vintage-Style MOTU Tuvar by Masterenglish

September 18, 2009


Masterenglish has already proven, time and time again, that he is beyond excellent at creating custom figures based upon the new Masters of the Universe Classics figures.  This piece, however, is Masterenglish’s first foray into a vintage-style MOTU custom.  It’s no suprise that this Tuvar is awesome, as well.  The figure is bulit upon a Fisto base (so, yes, the right hand does punch) with a head from Two-Bad and sculpted armor and left boot.

Who the heck is Tuvar? I’ll tell you after the jump.

So, with the 2002 Mike Young MOTU cartoon series, the conscious effort was made to really flesh out the backgrounds and/or origins of most of the characters.  This included many of the third rung bad guys like Two-Bad.

Two-Bad was introduced into the series as two seprate bounty hunter characters that were employed by Skeletor known as Tuvar and Baddhra.  By the end of the episode, Skeletor fused the two of them together for essentially being “bumbling fools” and the two were renamed Two-Bad. Here’s the episode:

The Monster Within

Part 1

Direct Link to Youtube Video

Part 2

Direct Link to Youtube Video

Part 3

Direct Link to Youtube Video

So, I think it’s pretty safe to say that we can look forward to a Baddhra from MAsterenglish in the near future.  I’ll keep you posted.

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