Collect and Connect Darkseid for DCUC Wave 12! Oh Snap!

September 17, 2009


Mattel and The Four Horsemen continue to knock it out of the park with the recently announced Wave 12 of their DC Universe Classics action figure line.  Long rumored to be the case, Toyfare Magazine revelied this past month that the Collect and Connect figure for the wave would be none other than my favorite comic book villain of all time, Darkseid.  What makes this significant is that, although there have been many tries at Darkseid figures over the years, most all of them have come up a bit short.  By the looks of this figure with its amazing sculpt and Kirby-inspired design, we could finally have the definitive Darkseid figure.  And, following Wave 10′s Kilowog Collect and Connect, Mattel is showing that they are willing to bring the fans exactly what they want with these larger DCUC figures.

The rest of the Wave 12 lineup (with pics) after the jump.

Mary Marvel


Eclipso (glow-in-the-dark)

Dr. Midnight


The Spectre


Look for DCUC Wave 12 to drop in Spring 2010.

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