Hipsters and Vinyl fans, get to Taco Bell

September 16, 2009


Hipster Vinyl

During lunch today I chose to keep it healthy so I went to my local Taco Bell.  Upon arriving I saw an ad for their new kids meal toys and guess what, they are mini vinyl figures.  So I figure with the vinyl toy following we got on the site here, I figured I would help lead you to a new destination for your vinyl fix.  Now get there fast before all the cool kids come and snag em all up.

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    5 Responses to “Hipsters and Vinyl fans, get to Taco Bell”

    1. ben Says:

      This was Kid Robot’s response to the Taco Bell thing:
      Whatever, I kind of like the “Bell Heads”.

    2. Mike Says:

      That is “odd’ that the designs are very similar to what Kid Robot has on their site as well. Are these MIKKO MERONEN and STROTTMAN characters heavily involved in the vinyl scene?

    3. ben Says:

      I’ve never heard of them. But, who knows?
      Isn’t Strottman the guy that’s dating Oprah?

    4. Mike Says:

      Either way I love how the hipster kids are all up in arms about this. I understand their point, but come on everything that is “trendy” or “underground” gets co-opted by big companies sooner than later.

    5. ben Says:

      Yeah. And Kid Robot is fine, but they’re about as “underground” as Urban Outfitters.
      The real issue that I can see is if the designs are lifted directly from stuff that artists had done on Dunnys.