Gatchagrey and Royal-T Present “The Bug-Shido Staction Character Contest”

September 16, 2009


The exciting news is that Royal-T (Royalt1us) and Gatchagrey are announcing a poll in which you can choose which one of the creations from Gatchagrey’s fan-created Bug-Shido world, Royal-T will make into a mini-statue.

From Gatchagrey:

To my delight, fellow fan, Royal-T has agreed to make my dream come true
and create a mini-statue of ONE of my Bug-Shido Characters. But with over
55 characters to choose from, we thought we would hold a little character
contest and let all of you help decide which character that will be.

The contest information, rules, and polls will be posted soon. We want to
invite all of you to join in the voting, and post ideas, and even designs.
Because, just like Royal-T’s own contests, when all is said a done, the
winning character will be sculpted, cast, and made available to everyone
who wants one.

Stay tuned for more info and get ready for an Royal Battle of Insect
Proportions. I hope you all have fun with this as much as I plan to.

To keep things simple, this is a contest to decide which Bug-Shido character is worthy of being sculpted into a mini-statue. To do this we are going to organize the 50+ characters Gatchagrey has dreamed up into four groups. Each group will be made of similar characters; for example Big Guys, Females, Winged, and Non-Winged characters.

In Round 1, you will be allowed to select your favorite 4 characters from each group.
In Round 2, you will select one of 4 Round 1 favorites (one from each group).
In Round 3, the Final 4 characters will go head to head to decide the 2009 Bug-Shido Champion.

For each poll, we will post the artwork Gatchagrey currently has for each character. For some this will only include his original design. For others this will include commissioned, and non-commissioned, works done by other artists. We hope each design will be given equal consideration, regardless of the artwork presented. Vote for the concept of the character over any of the art that may or may not be available.

We also invite anyone at anytime to post their own art of any of the characters in order to bolster support for their favorites. The Final Four will be drawn up by Royal-T to demonstrate his initial take on the design for the sculpture.

Links to the polls will be posted as soon as they are up and each poll will last 10-14 days. So stay tuned for updates and look for the battle to begin sooner than later.

I’ve been watching the development of Bug-Shido for quite some time, and I’ve got to say that I’m really impressed.  Gatchagrey has created a new fantasy property in the vein of Thunder Cats/ Silver Hawks/ Tiger Sharks.  And, of course, Roylat1us is going to do an outstanding job of bringing one of these characters into the 3-D realm.

For all of the latest on the contest, go to this thread at the Fantastic Exclusive forums.

To check out even more awesome Bug-Shido art, go to Bug-Shido’s devianART page here.

Finally, to vote in round 1 of the contest, go here.  I would suggest, however, that you check out the Fantastic Exclusive thread first, so that you know who is who.

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