Tri-Klops, I’m Really Happy for You and I’mma Let You Finish, but Webstor is One of the Best Action Figures of All Time

September 15, 2009


Today is the big day for Webstor, one of the most highly anticipated figures in the Masters of the Universe Classics line from People really seem to like this update on the classic figure and have been anxiously looking forward to this release since he was unveiled in Toyfare magazine, months ago.  One of the main designers for The Four Horsemen, Eric Treadaway, had this to say about Webstor:

I was very excited to get Webstor into the line up this soon. He was one of my top 3 in the vintage line and, unfortunately, we were never able to get to him in the 200X line (At least as an action figure.).
Webstor was so cool to me as a kid because it was back when you had no idea what types of figures would be coming to store shelves, so there were always cool surprises when new figures came out. Around the time when Battle Armor He-Man and Skeletor were released some of the mini-comics had a list of character names on the back. There were plenty of names including characters like Whiplash, Clawful, and of course Webstor. All of the names sounded very intriguing, but unfortunately there were no images to show what these characters would look like. After months of seeing every other character on that list except Webstor, I finally came across an unopened case of Masters figures sitting on the floor of a Lionel Play World. When I opened the case I looked down and there he was- the mysterious Webstor. The cool sculpting on his evil looking head and armor, combined with his creepy dark coloring and dynamic cardback illustration made him instantly one of my favorites. Needless to say, we had a blast bringing this guy back!

Also of note is the fact that Webstor represents the first figure in the MOTUC subscription program.  It will be interesting to see how smoothly everything with the subscriptions goes.  However, in theory, if you’re signed up for the mini 4 month subscription that Mattel offered for the end of 2009, all that you’ve got to do today is sit back and watch the Webstor roll in.

Everyone should have a Webstor of their own.  This figure is certainly a must have.  So, go here at noon EST today and pick up yours!

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