Not So Super Heroes

September 8, 2009


Woody Harrelson is on his way to becoming a Nerd City triple-threat (or ‘golden child’, if you’re not into the whole brevity thing).  His awesome living dead flick Zombieland is soon to be released, and without pausing to catch his breath, he’s releasing a not-so-super-hero flick, Defendor.  But this is something I’ve noticed becoming a trend: everyday super heroes.  And I’m not talking ‘sloppy, human’ heroes like The Watchmen or even Hancock (I just barfed.  Also, according to IMDB, he has 25 films in the works.  TWENTY-FIVE.  Give me a fucking break!  Not to mention he’s going to be in the remake of Old Boy?!  Just stop making movies, Hollywood.  I digress.)  I’m talking about street-walking people who think they’re super-heroes…y’know, like Blankman.  Kick-Ass is already in post-production, Defendor will be released soon, but an overlooked film called Special was released in 2006 and deserves more credit than it’s received.  Low-budget, but extremely clever nonetheless, Special is the story of a down-on-his-luck nobody played by the thuggy potatohead Michael Rapaport.  In the film, he goes to a clinic and takes an experimental drug.  The result is hallucinatory visions that Rapaport believes to be actual super-powers.  He might be walking on the ground, but he sees himself floating, flying, whatever.  It’s a really cool (and slightly tragic) spin on the genre and deserves a watch.  A trailer for Defendor and Special, below.

Direct Link to Youtube Video

Direct Link to Youtube Video

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