Moos Miht: The Adventures of Mighty Moose

September 2, 2009


Recently, at Chicago ComicCon, I had the chance to pick the collected trade paperback of Moos Miht: The Adventures of Mighty Moose from Josh Warner and Hanging Chad Entertainment.

Moos Miht is a fascinating balance between gritty and cartoony.  From the character designs to the overall art style to the overall storyline, the books walks a fine balance between street-level crime drama and cartoon animal superhero story.  It is in this dichotomy and the way that both sides are balanced that the book’s charm lies.

Due to the fact that the chatacters are anthropomorphic, and that the book is done in black and white, an easy comparison would be early TMNT comics.  Although this wouldn’t be completely off base, due to the books grittier elements and indie-style appeal, Moos Miht certainly blazes a slightly different path.  There are certain elements of Manga polish to the book’s visual style that shine through to interesting effect throughout the book.  Along with this, the narrative focuses upon a character who is gradually coming to terms with his super heroic heritage, as the comic both celebrates and deconstructs the medium’s own history with costumed heroes.

Did I mention that it’s a bunch of fun, too?  A duck and a moose super heroes fight ninja freaking cats!  The boss of the mob is a bunny rabbit!  You’ve seriously got to check it out.

For more info on Moos Miht: The Adventures of Mighty Moose, check out the official page on Hanging Chad Entertainment’s site here.

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