Madden 10!

September 2, 2009


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Our friends over @ GameStop recently sent Nerd City North a copy of Madden 10 for Wii and it totally rules. Recently, the Wii @ our headquarters has enjoyed a serious renaissance, and this has only helped continue the trend. The motion-driven controls really work well, and the game has varying options of difficulty for both the novice and serious Madden-obsessed footballer. (Although the truly dedicated fan may still prefer the classic X Box or Playstation controls).

One of the best features is the absence of the traditional john Madden blathering, and the gang @ EA has done a really nice job of balancing the fun/realism factor. There really is nothing quite like throwing a long bomb to your selected receiver with the Wii remote. And although I haven’t quite figured out how to play defense proficiently, the offense is so much fun I haven’t really had time to care. There is definitely a Blitz influence on the game, which features several mini-games and a 5-on-5 option. Although not all of these work, it’s nice to see Madden trying something new. The co-op is super fun,  plus the Bears and Chiefs kick ass in the game (Cutler, Hester and Bowe are all dynamite respectively), and that’s really all I need. As my football fever continues to elevate, Madden 10 has helped cure what ails me.

Get it @ GameStop.

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