Nintendo news, including new controllers

September 1, 2009


Some minor, yet good news coming from Nintendo this mornign. First, it has been announced that the Wii Opera Internet Browser will now be a free download to all Wii owners (previously it was 500pts or $5) for the download. To compensate people who already paid for the Wii browser, Nintendo will be providing you with information on how to download a free NES, SNES or N64 game. I would recommend giving this browser a try as there are plenty of free flash based sites that are made specifically for the Wii, check out or for some examples of what is available.

Black WII
In addition to the free browser, Nintendo announced that the recently released in Japan, black Wiimote, Nunchuck and Classic Controller will be coming stateside this holiday season. This will also include the launch of a black Wiimote with black Motion Plus accessory combo package. No word on if or when we may see the extremly good looking black Wii console over here but you never know.

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