Episode 57

August 31, 2009


Against seemingly insurmountable technical difficulty-related odds, Nerd City pushes forward with its 57th Episode!  Recorded in the secret underground bunker known as “Nerd City South”, the guys welcome international celebrities Megan Johnston-Spencer and Bob Egan as they discuss Classic NES games and District 9.  Oh yeah, Gregory Spines makes his triumphant return as well.

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    2 Responses to “Episode 57”

    1. punch888 Says:

      the last name is lopez. get it right.

    2. ForbiddenDonut Says:

      I picked a good episode to listen to…how often does a Nintendo story lead from the ski slopes to a trip to the White Hen to buy condoms? Also, I hope Megan recovers from her burns and regains the use of her hands.