Crying Lightning by The Arctic Monkeys

August 28, 2009


Direct Link to Youtube Video

I’ll admit that although I’ve always enjoyed the music of the Arctic Monkeys, I’ve always been somewhat puzzled by their widespread critical acclaim.  However, I’m particularly impressed with their latest album, Humbug.  Produced by Josh Homme out of Queens of the Stone Age, Humbug sees The Arctic Monkeys adopting a slightly darker and heavier sound.  Which, when it comes to the Arctic Monkeys, is a very good thing.

Crying Lightning is a great example of what makes Humbug work so well, it’s the same “cheeky” lyrical madness of past Arctic Monkeys songs, but given a slightly sludgy, almost classic metal sort of finish.

For more on Humbug, check out its AMG entry here.

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    3 Responses to “Crying Lightning by The Arctic Monkeys”

    1. item Says:

      This is a brilliant song by an equally brilliant band, but in all honesty one of THE worst music videos ever.

    2. ben Says:

      Haha! Yeah. Pretty dodgy video.

    3. ForbiddenDonut Says:

      Pretty pretentious stuff, Jim.