Xbox 360 price cut and custom arcade cabinets for your toys!!!

August 27, 2009


360 Elite, pro

Well it was only a matter of time I guess. With the launch of the Slim PS3 at the retail price of $299, Microsoft has followed suit and cut the prices for all of their systems. Starting this Friday the Elite 360 (120GB HD, HDMI port, but no more HDMI cable included) will drop in price to $299 while the Pro model (60GB HD, no HDMI port) will drop to $249 while supplies last. That means that Microsoft is moving towards having only two 360 skus, the Elite at $299 and the Arcade model at $199, the pro model will be discontinued. With the price of both major systems being equal now it will be interesting to see how the PS3 sales stack up to 360 now. I of course still believe the PS3 is the better value as you don’t have to pay and additional $100 for WiFi (you are required to buy the Microsoft adapter) like the 360 requires and you have the built in Blu-Ray player.

Mini Pac Man

On another note, artist Big J.W. has created hand crafted arcade cabinets that are made for 3 3/4″ action figures. So now your GI Joes, TMNTs or Marvel Secret Wars characters can finally duke it out where it matters….in a game of Galaga or Pac Man. All cabinets are made to order, so you can possibly get any game you want and they run cheap from $20-$25. If you are interested in ordering, the artist can be reached at Check out additional photos of his work here.

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