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August 24, 2009


It’s not often that I am amazed at what a small world it is (I mean, it’s small.  I get it.  Big deal), but occasionally there are chance encounters, or friends-of-a-friend, or some full circle type shit that just blows my mind.  That being said, my mind was blown a couple days ago when I discovered a guy I’ve been working with for near 5 months is not only a comic book writer who has a new release coming out, but that he remembers Max and I filming Comic Vault’s 2-year anniversary last fall.  Yes, it’s a small world after all.

Mike Gallinari (the aforementioned ) and Lee Cutrone make up South Paw Studios, the DIY production team who released The Crush in August 2008; this week they are releasing their second project, Under Red Sky.  

From Comic Vault: “Under Red Sky - a classic tale of Wild West revenge! A young man named Sean Kelly seeks revenge against the group of outlaws that murdered his family while he was just a child. But along the way he finds out that there may be more to life than simple, bloody, cut-and-dry vengeance. Black and white, 21 pages. Issue #1 coming August 2009.”

This is a big deal for the boys, and we stand behind anything homegrown, DIY, or self-produced.  So be sure to support them and the Comic Vault this Saturday at their release party!  And if you needed a different reason than just encouraging some local talents, there’s also going to be a raffle and tons of prizes (since some of you greedy bastards needed more incentive).  The details are below.  Be sure to check out all websites for exact dates and times.  

Under Red Sky & Lie Down Low Book Release Party

August 29, 2009
12 – 4pm

South Paw Studios website

South Paw on Facebook

Comic Vault website

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