“Happy Monday” Great Taste of the Midwest Day 3

August 24, 2009


Happy Monday Nerd City. I am going to tell you guys a travel secret that the fat cats that run the hotels don’t want you to know about its called late check out if you politely ask the concierge they will most likely do it for you so you don’t wake up at noon and run around the room shoveling your belongings into your bag trying to figure out who ordered all this room service. After I got back from the Great Taste I decided to go to the hotel bar to check out the local talent and ended up drinking the better half of a bottle of Jameson while watching the Brewers game. Sunday my friend and I decided to go check out O’so Brewing Company in Plover Wisconsin. He does their graphic design work and I thought it would be cool to check out the brewery. Marc Buttera and Bart Peterson opened O’so with an idea of creating unique beers that don’t fit into one given style. Four years ago Marc and his wife Katina opened Point Brew Supply, a home brew supply store. A lot of successful breweries started as home brew supply shops Bell’s and local Chicago favorites Two Brothers. I had a chance to talk to Marc and his enthusiasm for beer is contagious, he reminded me of other brewery owners that I have met. O’so has been having a great year with better distribution around Wisconsin they have gone from producing 350 barrels last year to 1200 already this year. With the current economic hardships around the country supporting local brands is as important now then it has been in years. O’so has some solid year round beers but the beer I think is going to put them on the map is Night Train Porter. A big dark beer with a deep chocolate/coffee noise. I am not a fan of porters but I really like this beer because it drinks more like a really creamy ale and I find that some porters have a real bitter finish but Night Train doesn’t. Night Train is very drinkable and flavorful. Nerd City looks forward to O’so Brewing Company’s contribution to the craft beer scene and if your Wisconsin keep an eye for them you can’t miss their tap handles. Till next time, Cheers!

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    One Response to ““Happy Monday” Great Taste of the Midwest Day 3”

    1. ben Says:

      Way to stick it to those “fat cats”, Bob. You showed them!