Terror in the Aisles II recap

August 22, 2009


Last week I attended Movieside’s “Terror in the Aisles II”, and let me tell you, Rusty Nails knows how to put on a shindig.  Now, for the unacquainted, “Terror” is a small filmfest showcasing some classics as well as debuting some new material.  If you’re a Chicagoan familiar with Rusty’s Music Box Massacre in October, “Terror” serves as it’s August aperitif.  It’s basically the same concept (horror films, celebrity appearances, and vendors), but on a smaller scale.

I was able to talk with George Mihalka, director of the original My Bloody Valentine (still waiting on your interview responses, George.  *Ahem*).  Talked to Tom Sullivan, effects artist for Evil Dead (his interview is up on the site HERE), and talked with Rusty himself.  Mr. Nails is easily one of the hardest working people in the local horror scene, putting on the best (see: most fun, most entertaining) film fests of the year with a very DIY attitude and grassroots ethics.  The horror scene is a wonderful thing to be a part of, and we owe a lot of thanks to Rusty for his hard work and dedication for providing a place for the weirdoes to congregate.  It was my first time attending “Terror in the Aisles”, but it won’t be my last (provided there is a “part 3″).  It was just what I needed to whet my appetite for the main course: Music Box Massacre 5!

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