It’s a Great Time to be a TMNT Comics Fan

August 21, 2009


The 25th Anniversary, erm, Shellebration is in full swing and awesome new TMNT comics are aplenty!  I know that I’ve already pontificated endless times about the greatness that is the Tales of the TMNT comic (one of the few books that I still pick up on the monthly), but this month Mirage has outdone themselves.  They have released two issues of the comic in the last few weeks, and both of them are outstanding!


Tales of the TMNT #60

Cover: Jim Lawson & Steve Lavigne
Script: Dan Berger
Art: Jim Lawson
Letters: Eric Talbot 
First Printing: July, 2009
“Nobody Does It Better” – This action-packed issue set during “TMNT” Volume Four features the shocking return of Nobody, the crime-fighting vigilante thought to be slain in “TMNT” volume two #12! We discover the fate of the not-so-fallen hero while Raphael and Casey Jones encounter a new villain with super-human (and extraterrestrial) powers!

Tales of the TMNT #61

Cover: Andres Ponce & Steve Lavigne
Script: Tristan Jones
Art: Andres Ponce
Letters: Eric Talbot 
First Printing: August, 2009
“Sometimes They Come Back” – Continuing on from the critically acclaimed “Tales of the TMNT” #56 and #59, the Turtles battle an enemy they never dreamed could create the chaos you’ll find within this book! Gangs, robots, road rage, crazy Australian mercenaries, and as if that weren’t enough… the long-awaited return of the malevolent MOUSERS!

But wait, there’s more!

TMNT Collected Volume 1 is now also available from Mirage.  This is a must own for anyone who is a fan of TNMT, indie or superhero comic books.  It collects the first 11 issues (plus specials and one-shots) of Mirage’s ground0breaking black and white comic from the early 80′s.

The Future Sense TPB is also interesting as it is a cool collection of Archie TMNT comics.  although I’m not at all familiar with this run of comics, it seems pretty rad and it also includes an issue from The Mighty Mutanimals.

Equally awesome is Kevin Eastman’s release, TMNT 25th, which collects all of Eastman’s favorite TMNT stories.

From Eastman:

Hand-picked by TMNT co-creator Kevin Eastman as “some of his personal all-time favorite Turtles tales,” this 25th Anniversary special not only brings back some of the “classics” of the early years, but Eastman was able to re-master, re-touch, and with a few very special stories – color them – for the very first time!

About half of the stories feature Kevin’s two favorite TMNT characters, Casey Jones and Raphael, the rest reprint some of his favorite all time TMNT tales! Here’s a quick breakdown;

o The Jan Strnad Richard Corben “Turtles Take Time” in its original full color version!
o The Mark Bode epic “Shell of the Dragon” in its original glorious black and white!
o The FIRST appearance of Casey Jones in the Raphael one shot entitled, “Me, Myself, and I” which has been colored for the first time by the amazing Justin Norman!
o The classic Eastman short “Fun With Guns” short story will be colored by the world renowned Blond!
o And TMNT #14 by Eastman and Talbot will be reprinted in its original “Duo Shade/Sepia Toned” version!
o Other stories will include shorts, “49th Street Stompers” “Complete Carnage and Radical” and “You Had to Be there!” plus intros, pin-ups and a few other surprises!

Get your copy here.

Last but certainly not least, you can now check out all of TMNT #17 for free @

Direct Link to Youtube Video

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