Sony Gamescom Press Conference. PS3 Slim, Price Cuts, Marvel Comics!!!!

August 18, 2009


New Slim PS3

Sony just wrapped up their press conference at Gamescom in Germany and had some great news. First, Sony confirmed the worst kept secret in that a new PS3 slim model will be launching soon. And by soon I mean starting September 1st and worldwide by September 11th. The new slim model will feature a 120GB hard drive and will retail for $299. Starting tomorrow though the current PS3 model will retail for $299 (80GB) and $399 (160GB with Uncharted) as well, but you might as well wait a few weeks and try to hunt down a slim. Marvel PSP

Outside of the normal numbers about sales and previews of games shown at E3, Sony announced that the PSP will now have a legal comic book reader and Marvel Comics will be the first big company to support the format. Unfortuntely there is no info on cost of books and what books will be available, but it is a nice new feature for the new PSPGo that was recently released.

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    2 Responses to “Sony Gamescom Press Conference. PS3 Slim, Price Cuts, Marvel Comics!!!!”

    1. ben Says:

      Dumb question- what would be the overall disadvantages to an 80 GB machine?

    2. Mike Says:

      There are no disadvantages to the 80GB system outside of a smaller hard drive. Luckily the hard drive is easy to replace if you want to buy a bigger one (most laptop HDs work) and install it yourself, Sony even tells you how to do this in the PS3 user manual