Quentin Tarantino’s 20 Favorite Films (1992-2009)

August 18, 2009


In 1992, Tarantino directed Reservoir Dogs and the world of cinema hasn’t been the same since.  So in the 17 years since he released the film, what does Quentin Tarantino consider to be the best movies put out?  If you guessed “anything Asian”, you guessed right.  Check out the video:

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    2 Responses to “Quentin Tarantino’s 20 Favorite Films (1992-2009)”

    1. bob Says:

      I love battle royal I had a copy on VHS that I lost, I have a dream of a Hollywood remake with tween stars, if you don’t know the movie find it and watch it. He was very honest about the matrix and I think he is right, lost me after the 2nd movie and even more after the 3rd.

    2. Mike Says:

      Also read the manga version of Battle Royale, it is much more violent and brutal then the movie. Oh and they have them at Chicago Comics…how convenient.