“I Fight Dragons” @ Martyrs’

August 18, 2009


On Saturday night, I got a chance to check out the Chiptune extravaganza @ Martyrs‘, featuring I Fight Dragons, Anamanaguchi, and Starscream. It totally ruled.

For those not in the know, Chiptune is a very cool movement in music that incorporates computer sounds (most popularly from the NES). All three acts, although members of the same  scene, were very different, and each group had their own unique style. Although I liked Anamanaguchi, I was particularly impressed with Starscream. They are composed of only two members, both only 18 years old, (they weren’t allowed to stay in the club once they finished their set), and both from NY. Basically one dude on drums and another manning computer and Gameboy equipment, their stuff is very moody and driven, and would be perfect for a movie trailer.

Direct Link to Youtube Video

And then of course there’s I Fight Dragons. I am consistently impressed with these guys (and girl). They were super cool when they were on Episode 54 of Nerd City, and their live show is really something to check out. Featuring really badass video work, an infectious onstage energy,  and inspired usage of musically-programmed Nintendo equipment, they put on a show like nothing I’ve ever seen. Seriously. Their Zelda theme cover alone is worth the price of admission.

Direct Link to Youtube Video

Having recently signed on to open for MC Chris’ new tour, they are going to kill with that particular crowd, and are seriously poised to go all huge. I’m telling you, you heard it on Nerd City first : I Fight Dragons is going to be big.  So do yourself a favor and check out all of these bands, especially IFD.

Listen to I Fight Dragons’ episode of Nerd City here.

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