“Happy Sunday” Great Taste of the Midwest Day 2

August 16, 2009


Happy Sunday Nerd City. There is something beautiful about waking up hung over in a hotel room. Playing detective with your ATM receipts trying to figure out what happened the previous evening. Today was the big day the Great Taste of the Midwest opens its doors at noon but I had a little too much fun the previous evening and woke up at noon. I quickly got myself together and out the door to the park.

The park’s location was awesome its on the corner of the lake, a good amount of shade from the trees and nice cool breeze from time to time if it was held indoors it would loose a lot of its charm. I get inside get my glass and I was off, it was very similar to a small child running around an amusement park. I first went and checked out out the guys from New Holland they had a 2 year old Dragons Milk that was delicious. Next I went to Two Brother and tried their sour beer very approachable if you have never had a sour beer, it has a very subtle sour flavor. Great Lakes had its Lake Erie Monster double IPA and it was awesome they said it should be in Chicago this winter. Said hi to my friends at Metropolitan Brewery they had their Krank Shaft Kolsch a perfect summer session beer a low ABV and super drinkable. Three Floyd’s had their Dogfish Head collaboration beer Pop Skull a nice brown beer and Sam Caligione was there helping the Floyd’s pour some beer, super cool to see two very different breweries get together and make some good stuff together. The best part for me was trying the stuff we can’t get here in Chicago the small brew pubs. All the big breweries had big lines so my friend and I decided to check out some up and coming breweries. My friend introduced me to O’so brewing from Plover WI, Marc and Katina are super nice I will tell you more about them on Day 3. After getting some much need water back into my system I went over to the Bell’s tent, Larry Bell was there with this mysterious blue bottle in his hand he pured me a sample and it was a big beer with some deep flavors. I asked what it was he said it a barley wine he made himself 9 years ago, that beer was old enough to play t-ball. Later at the Bell’s tent I was making new friends with some Chicago natives when Larry Bell comes over with one of the brewers holding this massive bottle. Larry Bell made an announcement “This is my favorite event of the year, the Great Taste is always a great show you guys are what make it great, here is a 5 year old expedition stout for you guys to try, cheers!” They literally walked right next to me and started puring I got the 3rd glass it was another big beer. Certain beers get better with aging like wine, Stouts Imperial beers or Barley wines they suggest you age them, I am sitting on a bottle of Delirium Noel from last year I will let you know how it turns out. The Great Taste was so much fun every one there was having a blast I wish we could have an event like that in Chicago. It was a bit overwhelming with all the breweries, I tried to go to every one but I hit up my favorites and made sure I tried some new guys. In the end it was a good time and for sure will be a yearly trip for me. Till next time, Cheers!

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