Look…Up In the Sky!

August 14, 2009

Everything, Everything Else


Is some sort of parachute team in Kansas City this weekend?  Unfortunately no, but it was something equally as cool.  G.I. Joe Con 2009 (more info here) is being held in my backyard for the next three days at the KC Hyatt Regency Crown Center and to kick off the national convention of all things “Joe” they staged a parachute drop.  They decided to throw off 300 12″ Crimson Guard figures (here) from the roof of the hotel, 43 stories, to the large crowd waiting below.  What an AWESOME sight!  What wasn’t awesome was the “rabid” 12 year old adults (collectors probably) who were snatching these things away from the kids in the crowd.  Not cool guys…as you can see in the pic with a kid that got one, these things would have made their day.  I know greed is a powerful thing with eBay and all but did some of you really have to knock people/kids over to get one of these?  Hopefully karma’s a bitch to you this weekend.  Other than that this was a fantastic event, both in attendance, and the visual “wow” factor.  Nerd City’s covering the con this weekend so check back later for a full wrap-up and photos.  Hit the jump for a full set of the drop pics and remember…knowing is half the battle![photoxhibit=24]

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