Nobody Fucks With Rob Liefeld. You hear me? Nobody!

August 13, 2009


So as you may or may not have heard, there was a recent fan/Rob Liefeld transgression @ Chicago Comic Con. I assume this was during our super awesome panel, as I didn’t hear about it until I re-arrived on planet Earth on Monday.  Basically, this dude in a yellow hat and trenchcoat walked up to Liefeld @ his booth and talked shit on his work with Captain America.

When Liefeld wouldn’t take the bait, the guy (who of course has some shitty blog) (not like this one, of course) went back up to the booth and dropped off a copy of “How to Draw the Marvel Way”, (which regardless of context Is an excellent book). The whole thing was of course caught on video, and the incident has ignited quite a controversy, with Liefeld even discussing it on his Twitter. ( I know).

After having done a little research, I have come to several conclusions. First, this guy in the yellow hat is a nerdy d-hole, and the fact that he just dropped the book off and left demonstrates a serious lack of testicular fortitude. If you’re going to talk major shit on somebody, do it to their face, or on your unlistened-to weekly podcast. Also, the fact that he had a buddy filming the whole thing gives the whole situation a crappy prank-show ripoff feel. I mean, this guy is fucking with Nerd City territory here. We do a lot of video work @ these shows, and anything that makes creators more apprehensive of appearing on camera is bad for us. And that brings me to my point. Rob, Ben has always been a huge fan of yours, and we support our own. So if you’re reading this, Nerd City would like to offer their protective services at any upcoming events or shows. The fact that this went down in our town makes Nerd City sick, and we want revenge. Basically, Nerd City would perform security detail, including food tasting, beer-retrieving, and physical protection against any aggressor under 150 lbs. We want to be the Hell’s Angels to your Rolling Stones.

So let it be heard here: You fuck with Liefeld, you fuck with us. And be warned: anyone wearing a yellow hat, you’re going down.

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    7 Responses to “Nobody Fucks With Rob Liefeld. You hear me? Nobody!”

    1. ben Says:

      The only positive thing to come out of this is that it shows all of the overly vocal anti-Liefeld crowd what a bunch of sad/ immature/ insecure cocksuckers that they look like. I mean, is there any more pedestrian or cliche stand for “fanboys” to take than the whole “Liefeld doesn’t draw anatomy accurately” bullshit? You know who else didn’t? Jack Kirby.
      But yes, it’s war on that dopey looking idiot and his stupid hat.
      Nerd City has your number, dude.

    2. Mike Says:

      I saw this guys video on it yesterday, linked off of Mark Millars site where everyone was making fun of this guy as well, and it was pretty pathetic. I understand not liking someone, as I don’t like and am quite vocal about Mr. Kirkman, but as Max stated say stuff to the mans face. And yes Rob isn’t the most “accurate” artist, but we are talking about comic books here. If you want to talk accuracy in the human form, most artist who draw female characters or any character in general would not be that accurate. It’s an exaggerated art form and has been forever.

    3. kris Says:

      So did this guy then go over to J. Scott Campbell’s booth and drop off a bra since Campbell tends to use the female version of Liefeld’s over-emphasis style?

    4. Dr. Jose Gallimore Says:

      Yellow hats are so last year! What a putz!

    5. coop Says:

      It has already been pointed out elsewhere, but its funny that almost every artist that spoke up to defend Liefeld, had to throw in a dig about how they weren’t a fan of his work. In the 90′s comic editors were forcing established artists to switch their style to be more like Liefeld, how he became so hated is a mystery to me.

    6. bob Says:

      All this jerk in the yellow hat did was make artists think twice about coming out to comic book conventions. Comic con is about celebrating comics its not an opportunity for you to call out some one you don’t like if it was I would go ask Stan Lee why he slept with my Mom 27 years ago, missed all my birthday party’s and never paid child support even after the DNA test. I just want to toss the ball around papa Lee.

    7. item Says:

      This is the first I heard of a Liefeld backlash and am pretty surprised. I grew up on the guys work back in the early 90′s when he was doing The New Mutants. Brilliant stuff that still stands up for me. I always consider his Cable as my favourite version.

      I really don’t buy this accurate anatomy bullshit. For me it’s all about personal style. I dug guys like Liefeld, Jim Lee and McFarlane, but also appreciated simpler and quirky works of guys like John Romita Jr. His Daredevil back in the day was great. It was simple and abit inaccurate, but it just worked. Still one of my all time faves.

      What’s next for the yellow hat douche?….discussions of who shot first? Greedo or Han? (My Clerks 2 plug for the day!)