The Walking Dead goes to AMC.

August 12, 2009


A bidding war for the rights of The Walking Dead, one of the best zombie comics produced by Image/Robert Kirkman, has been won by AMC, the channel that made my heart melt in the mid-90s when it started airing “Monsterfest”, their week-long horror movie marathon which occupied the end of October (though it has since stopped airing, it has been replaced with the similar Fearfest – not to mention Fear Friday, the horror movie double feature every Friday night, god bless ‘em).  I think AMC is also known for some other show…Mad Men or something?  Who knows.

Anyway – The Walking Dead.  Frank Darabont, best known for his adaptation of Shawshank Redemption as screenwriter and director, has signed on as screenwriter and director of The Walking Dead.  This sounds promising.  Darabont has a history of horror with Nightmare on Elm Street 3, The Blob, The Fly II, and Frankenstein to name a few – so he can handle the material.  My biggest concern is the material itself: rotting corpses, rape, cannibalism, graphic deaths.  AMC isn’t really known for their envelope-pushing.  Let’s hope this doesn’t get trimmed, cut, chopped and turned into something completely different.

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    3 Responses to “The Walking Dead goes to AMC.”

    1. ben Says:

      Nice. Maybe now Kirkman can buy a new pair of shoes.

    2. kris Says:

      I’m surprised I haven’t seen a comment from Mike here yet….been awhile since I’ve seen a Kirkman rant. Hope ya got earplugs Joey.

    3. Mike Says:

      Yeah this show will be f*%kin stupid. I know it’s all zombies and stuff, which are cool, but it is Kirkman so it really can’t be that good. That man really doesn’t know how to write a good book at all. That is all I got for now.