Lucasarts + Nintendo= Happy Fanboys

August 10, 2009


Super Star Wars

Today begins a fantastic partnership between Lucasarts and Nintendo as we are seeing the release of Super Star Wars, for the SNES, on the Virtual Console today (only 800pts). This will be the first of many Lucasarts games and related content to be released on the Wii with Super Empire Strikes back and Super Return of the Jedi to be released in upcoming weeks. Along with the game releases, Nintendo and Lucasarts have teamed up for a Star Wars Mii creation contest on the “Check Mii Out” channel and there will be Star Wars themed questions on the “Everybody Votes” channel. Now Lucasarts has teased that we will see re-releases of many more classic games through the WiiWare service, they just aren’t giving us the full details yet. Here’s hope that we will get Maniac Mansion, Day of the Tentacle, Full Throttle, X-Wing Vs Tie Fighter and many more old school games.

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