“Happy Wednesday”

August 5, 2009


Happy Wednesday Nerd City! It’s hump day and I am going to lay down something heavy for you girl. Something big and dark from the north. That’s right I am talking about Surly Bender. Nothing says summer time like a big brown ale from Minnesota. Surly has a brilliant logo and design for their cans, I think the graphic design team behind the Surly labels are genius. You can have the greatest beer in the world but if the labels suck why would some one buy it at the liquor store. Surly has both great brand identity and great beer. Did I mention Surly comes in 16oz. pub cans. Lets talk about the good stuff inside the cans. Surly is described as a brown ale but upon trying you will notice it has the body of a pale ale, very drinkable silky and creamy. There are so many flavors at play in the Surly Bender soft coffee notes, subtle chocolate & vanilla, toasty caramel and the sweetness off sets the bitterness perfectly. Surly makes a coffee bender in the fall that is amazing, its like a barista and a brewer had a beautiful baby. Its makes my morning drinking less awkward. Surly has the winning combo in my opinion great design and even better beer. Till next time, Cheers!

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