On “Wii Resort”

August 4, 2009


So I recently picked up a copy of the new Wii Resort and it is the bomb.

An update of Wii Sports, Resort comes packaged with yet another Wii accessory, this time the new Wii motion plus for added controller accuracy. The disc features twelve mini games, including frisbee golf, basketball, jetskiing, wake boarding, table tennis, and bowling. Almost every game is super fun and easy to pick up, and Resort and the included attachment breathe new life in to the Wii.

Check out this super cheesy video about Resort below.

Direct Link to Youtube Video

The only real downfall of Resort is that certain games can’t be played without another sensor, which requires shelling out even more money at ye olde video game shop. Being the only exception to an otherwise perfect good time, this is a must pick up for anyone who owns a Wii, particularly those who have tired of the endless dreck that seems to come out monthly for the system. Get it here.

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    One Response to “On “Wii Resort””

    1. Dr. Jose Gallimore Says:

      *in old-timey voice* This game is the cat’s pajamas!