Amazing Anthro Customs by Grown Nerd

August 4, 2009


Taking a cue from the work of The Four Horsemen and their awesome Seventh Kingdom line, Grown Nerd, from the Fantastic Exclusive forums, has recently unveiled a truly impressive array of anthropomorphic custom action figures.

Realm of the Claw black panther body & white panther arms and legs
Head from McF Cowardly Lion
Elbow joints: FF Movie Thing’s elbows
Knee joints: ML Sasquatch’s knees

Realm of the Claw gray panther
Head from a line of Everquest toys, some tiger man I don’t remember the name of
Elbow joints: DCUC Etrigan’s knees
Knee joints: ML Sasquatch’s knees

From Grown Nerd:

These two came from Realm of the Claw base figures. Way back when the RotC figs came out I got a set to repaint and headswap to make a more animalistic version of Thundercats. After the 7K line came out I decided to revisit those early simple Thundercat customs and cut up them up and combine them, give them more artic, and use them as the size/scale foundation for my anthro customs.

Base body: DCD Rogues Gallery Croc 
Head and tail: Papo Spinosaurus dinosaur
Crotch, hips, thigh swivel, ankles: Mattel DCUC Etrigan

Base body and head: LoTR horse
Upper body: DCD Rogues Gallery Man-Bat
Ab crunch joint: WWE wrestler
Arms: XMC Juggernaut
Gloves: LoTR orc 
Forelegs’ and backlegs’ hip/shoulder/knee/ankle joints: Joints from a Sigma Six figure
Armor, weapons, straps, costume items: Various fodder box items, leather, netting, tape

From Grown Nerd:

I’ve been wanting to do a centaur for ages. A couple of years ago I thought of doing one as part of a Greco/Roman mythology line to go with Hercules for a custom con, but never got around to it and then lost interest in the mythology line. When I decided to do 7th K type figs, I figure I’d take liberty with the horse and do a centaurish horse instead of a manhorse standing upright on two legs. I had to make a stand to display him in action poses because no way would he balance when only two hooves touch the ground. The stand has 3 different height inserts for different level poses.

Base body: Some McFarlane Japanese looking figure, I don’t know the name
Head: Chronicles of Narnia Griffin
Arms: FF movie Mr. Fantastic
Gloves: ML Black Panther
Knee joints from fodder box
Shin piece: Another McFarlane figure I don’t know the name of
Feet: DCD Kingdom Come Hawkman (standing feet); Beowulf dragon (flying feet)
Wings: DCD Kingdom Come Hawkman at first; now with DCUC Hawkman’s

Kalibak body, legs, upper arms (extra right arm used for the left arm, with some sculpting to fix the inner/outer bicep difference)
Grodd’s head, feet, forearms/hand, with Kalibak’s weapon holding left hand spliced in after the wrist joint

For even more info on Grown Nerd’s customs, check out his thread over at Fantastic Exclusive Forums here.

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