On “Green Lantern: First Flight”

August 3, 2009


As I’ve mentioned before on the podcast, I am not neccessarily a fan of the Green Lantern. In fact, I kind of think his powers are, well, you know…stupid. Yet here I am, blown away by First Flight, the new G.L. animated feature from animation revolutionary Bruce Timm. With a stellar voice cast including Christopher Meloni as Hal Jordan and inspired choice Michael Madsen as pig-faced alien lantern Kilowog, this is one of the best animated films I have ever seen. Seriously.

Direct Link to Youtube Video

Rated a hefty PG-13, (mainly for light use of the word ass, crap, and damn), First Flight details the origin story of Hal Jordan’s entry in to the lantern corps, as well as their betrayal @ the hands of the evil, mustachioed, aptly-named Sinestro. What’s really awesome about the movie is that Timm wastes no time getting to the meat of what makes the Green Lantern cool (which I have to admit is something I never imagined myself saying). Where most origin films get bogged down early, Timm goes right for the rush, wasting little time getting Jordan his ring and sending him out to space to kick some ass.

Featuring stunning animation, music, and voice work, First Flight handles the source material with a level of respect and enthusiasm that hasn’t been seen since the live-action Iron Man film. With Green Lantern: First Flight out now, and Superman/Batman Public Enemies on the way, DC is quickly establishing themselves as an animation powerhouse, and with ten scheduled live action movies in the works, they may soon end the superhero stranglehold Marvel currently has on the industry.

Direct Link to Youtube Video

I cannot recommend Green Lantern:First Flight enough. Get it here.

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    2 Responses to “On “Green Lantern: First Flight””

    1. kris Says:

      You REALLY need to check out Blackest Night….it’s setting up to be one of the most amazing stories I’ve ever read.

    2. ben Says:

      I’m really looking forward to seeing this. I love “ass” “crap” and “damn” almost as much as I love Kilowog.