“Happy Friday”

July 31, 2009


Happy Friday Nerd City. No sleep till Brooklyn! Beer! If you have not noticed I have been on a bit of a kick with craft beers in a can friends. This week I came across a six pack of Brooklyn Lager. Brooklyn Brewery is from New York city, who knew!?! Brooklyn has been making some fantastic beers, their brewmaster Garrett Oliver is one the most respected guys making beer today. Garrett Oliver is a huge advocate of beer and food, his book the Brewmaster’s Table is an amazing resource for pairing food and beer. Brooklyn Lager is a Vienna style lager, Garrett Oliver speculates that most of the pre-prohibition beers in New York were Vienna style lagers because of influence of German immigrants. The lager has a great malt body, the first sip you get a nice sweetness from the malts, the hops contribute to a nice crisp finish and great citrus aroma. Brooklyn cans are perfect for picnics or fishing or other activities I avoid doing outdoors. The coolest thing about Brooklyn cans is you can find them in Yankee stadium, baseball and craft beer brilliant! Brooklyn also has an amazing line of specialty beers, where Garrett Oliver works with some of the best chefs in New York to create unique one off beers. Garrett Oliver is an amazing brewer and has been a huge supporter of craft beers. Till next time, Cheers!

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    3 Responses to ““Happy Friday””

    1. ben Says:

      It should probably be noted that many of the first 15+ episodes of the Nerd City podcast were fueled by Brooklyn Lager.

    2. acesloyer Says:

      I had a ton of Brooklyn Lager when I had an audit in NY. Any chance I can get this stuff in Kansas?!?!?

    3. ben Says:

      I wouldn’t be too surprised if you could get it in Kansas. We’ve had it in Illinois for probably a year and a half.